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Extension Ninja is one stop to learn everything about Magento and Ecommerce. As the name says, we are the Ninja to help you with every details about the extensions built by Magento community and leading products providers. We excel at what we do and that is what help us be the first priority of our customers.

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We are expert at what we do. We know very well what we do, extensions, documentation, synchronizations, everything. We stay updated with every piece of news and smartly follow our agenda. We aim at being the most trustworthy information provider. We pay attention to the client’s processes and suggest best solutions depending upon their requirements. We are one-platform-for-all, Magento developers, eCommerce store owners, Magento enthusiasts, everyone can find what they are looking for, at Extensions Ninja.

Our story
The Story of Our Belonging!

It all began in 2003 with the establishment of Krish TechnoLabs, A Full Service Digital Commerce Agency. In the first few years, Krish ran as a web development agency. Later on in 2013, the organization launched a new subsidiary, the Magento products and solutions partner – MageDelight Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Now, in order to help the newbie developers learn Magento, and store owners decide what’s best for their online store, MageDelight launched a platform named Extensions Ninja. So that’s how we are here today!

Our Story

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