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Add Life to the Gift using Magento 2 Gift Wrap Extension

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Magento 2 Gift Card

As we already know for any gift, wrapping is equally important, just as icing on the cake. Even though the cake is delicious, the icing will add life to the cake. Similarly, wrapping is vital when it comes to gifts. 

Giving is more rewarding than receiving. Ideally, people would always like to see the recipient’s staggered expression when they finally open the present that you’ve bought for them. That is truly a different feeling.  

If the gift is wrapped, the recipient would eagerly wait to look at what’s there beneath the wrapper and keep them in suspense. It would have been much more comfortable to wrap a gift when it comes to physical shopping.

For an eCommerce business to implement the concept of gift wrapping is a bit tough to crack. However, the team at MageDelight has come up with an extension to help the customers. MageDelight has always ensured that the customers don’t miss out on anything while shopping online.  

Hence, using the Gift Wrap for Magento 2 Extension developed by MageDelight, the customers can get the feel of physical shopping while sending gifts to loved ones. 

Gift Wrapper for Magento 2 lets the owners manage unlimited gift wrappers and also their categories. There are different categories based on various occasions that would make it easier for the customers to choose the gift wrapper. 

These wraps are available on the product page and the shopping cart page to select them. The categories have been beneficial for the customers. They can quickly choose the wraps for the individual products or all the items added to the cart.

An additional message, along with the gift, is always a plus. Using this extension, the customers can add customized notifications for their loved ones. The owners can also assist the customers by providing some additional information about gift wraps, which would have helped them have a seamless experience while choosing wraps. 

The owners can upload a standard gift wrap for different categories or upload an additional gift wrap for other categories. Each wrapper’s price can vary based on various conditions chosen by the customer as per their wish. For different types of products, customers can select choices.  

Gift Wrap at Store Front

The owners can add additional information or special instruction for each wrapper from the back end to be displayed on the front end while selecting the gift wrap option. For example, the owners can add a message, such as the highest-selling wrapper. 

Such kinds of messages can help customers to avoid confusion while selecting wraps.

The owners can decide the categories of the product. They can add a new category whenever they want—this unique feature of categorizing the wrappers to indicate the type of wrapper available at the store.

For example, birthday wrappers, anniversary wrappers, and such common categories can be added by the owners, saving customers’ time while choosing the wrapper and offering a lively feel to the recipient while unwrapping the present. 

The customers can also add a message while sending gifts to their loved ones. Often, words speak more than gifts. So it is essential to let the customers add a message on the gift wrapper. This extension allows gift wrapping options on the product page as well.

After the customers have chosen the gift and the wrapper, they will be redirected to the cart page. All the information related to the gift wrapper will be displayed on the cart page so that the customer can confirm before actually placing the order.

Also, to make it easier for the customers, this extension has an additional functionality where the customers can remove the gift wrapper during the cart page. They can also change the gift wrapper from there itself. Often, a gift wrapper is something that will confuse people while selecting one. Hence, an option of change should be incorporated.

Even during the checkout, all the information related to the gift and the wrapper will be available. The customers can remove the gift wrapper if they feel so during the checkout and choose a different gift wrapper. 

The owner has complete control over the configuration settings. They can decide whether they want to enable the gift wrappers in their stores. To add a feature to the website is comparatively easier than to decide in which flow to add the feature. 

Since that is something significant and will have a massive impact on the usage of that particular feature, this extension lets the owner decide whether they want to add the gift wrapper option on the product page, cart page, checkout page or on all of them. 

The owner can also upload a gift wrapper image, which is typical for all the gift wrappers.

A new category can be added from the backend itself. Category information such as category name, sort order should be added. The owner will be provided with an option of whether they want to enable the gift category right now or do it later. 

Once all the fields have been configured, the owner should click on the save gift category, and that will be reflected in the list of all the categories.

Create Gift Wrapper

Using this extension, it is no longer difficult to manage all the gift wrappers belonging to different categories. The owner can look at the list of all the gift wrappers and some additional information such as the category, a thumbnail, whether the gift wrapper is enabled or not, when was the gift wrapper created, when it was last modified, and the price.

It is easier this way to manage all the gift wrappers. Also, those can be filtered using different criteria. To add a new gift wrapper, the add new gift wrapper button should be clicked.

After clicking on the add new category, the owner will be redirected to the page mentioned below where the details related to the new gift wrapper should be configured, such as gift wrapper name, price of the wrapper, add an image of the gift wrapper, category to which the gift wrapper belongs to, and whether to enable it or not.

As mentioned in the article, this Magento gifting extension allows the owner to add a short description of the gift wrapper to help customers choose an appropriate wrapper according to the occasion, expediting the sales. 

Wrapping up!!

Magento’s Gift Wrap Extension lets the customers choose a gift wrapper for the individual products or all the items in the cart along with a personalized message for their loved ones. Categories help the customer fasten this process. The additional information about the wrapper provided by the owner gives them the surety for a particular wrapper.  

The eCommerce store owner can manage, create categories, and add unlimited gift wrappers to different categories from the backend seamlessly. They can also remove the gift wrappers as and when they require. 

Send your gifts wrapped in a gift wrapper to your loved ones using MageDelight Gift Wrap Extension for Magento 2.

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