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Best Extra Fee Magento 2 Extensions 2021[Comaprison]

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Best Extra Fee Extensions for Magento 2

Extra Fees is a functionality that helps the store owners offer additional functionalities while saving an extra investment too. The store owners can offer additional complimentary services such as gift wrapping, quick delivery etc with extra fees. This can help store owners increase customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Magento 2 Extra Fee Extensions by some of the top Magento products and solutions developers are the best way to add this functionality on your Magento 2 store.

Here are the top Magento 2 Extra Fee Extensions to help the store owners make a better choice.

MageDelight Extra Free Extension

MageDelight Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension helps you create and display surplus charges for additional services you offer to your customers. You can create unlimited fee rules and conditions based on various attributes or their combination by using our extension.

  • Add unlimited extra fee rules
  • Enable extra fee for both, customers & admins
  • Sort extra fee rules
  • Set global settings governing extra fee calculation
  • Apply extra fees based on various attributes

Amasty Extra Fee

Gain full control over the revenue you get at the checkout by setting up flexible extra fees using Amasty Module. Conveniently charge for your services like quick delivery, packaging, payment method complying with tax laws.

  • Create as many extra fees as you need
  • Charge fees on the cart and checkout pages
  • Offer truly mandatory fees and control fees refund
  • Calculate fees taxes in compliance with local regulations
  • Read and write GraphQL compatibility and API support

MageComp Extra Fee Extension

Magento 2 Extra Fee extension by MageComp allows adding extra charges for additional services like gift wrap, rush order, packing charges etc. and display it on cart and checkout page.

  • Custom fee label to show in frontend.
  • Add fees in a fixed amount to apply on order total.
  • Set minimum order amount to display extra fee on the frontend.
  • Extra Fees is displayed in the cart and checkout page in the frontend.

Mageplaza Extra Fee Magento 2 Extension

This extension by Mageplaza supports online stores to add additional fees/payment surcharge for specific services such as gift wrapping, rush delivery and display them on the storefront.

  • Flexible to add unlimited extra fees
  • Apply extra fee rules based on conditions
  • Various extra fee calculation types
  • Manually or automatically apply the additional fee

Meetanshi Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension

Magento 2 Extra Fee by Meetanshi allows the store owners to add extra fees for the services like gift wrap, fast delivery, insurance, etc. on customers’ orders.

  • Helps to increase average order value by offering additional services
  • Transparent way to charge extra fees to customers

MageAnts Extra Fee For Magento 2

MageAnts Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension allows store owners to add extra charges like gift wrap, rush order, cash on delivery, payment method, packing, etc. and display same on the checkout page.

  • Easy for admin to apply a mandatory extra charge for any products
  • Store owners can charge an extra fee on the cart and checkout page
  • Apply extra fee rules based on conditions

Convinced that a Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension can help you with adding the extra fee functionality on your eCommerce store. We hope that this list helps you choose the best.

Still, if you face any difficulties with selecting the extension, feel free to reach us out and our experts would be happy to help.

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