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Best Magento 2 Search Extensions that eCommerce Website Must Have

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Best Magento 2 Search Extensions that eCommerce Website Must Have

When you plan to build an eCommerce store on Magento 2, you must equip it with advanced features and functionalities. Offering a smooth search is one of the basic requirements for any ecommerce store to stay ahead in the cut-throat competition. Not only search plays an important role in making shopping easier for customers, but also helps in improving user experience on your store. 

Out of the numerous Magento 2 Search extensions available in the market, it is always difficult to choose the most appropriate one. Hence, we have listed the best of all the Magento 2 search autocomplete products to help you select the best.

MageDelight Elastic Search

The MageDelight ElasticSearch Magento 2 Extension is an extension that offers customers with the most accurate and quick results. The MageDelight Search Extension is highly scalable and is one of the most advanced search extensions available out there. The extension is jam-packed with incredible features like auto-complete, advanced search, auto-query, CMS page search, etc. Buy this extension and enhance the user-experience in your store.

Some of the Key Features are:

  • Auto-Complete search query
  • Add Synonyms and stop words for search query
  • Choose product attributes for search
  • Multi-stores support
  • Cluster support

MageSolution Instant Search

The Instant Search Magento 2 Extension by MageSolution offers the facility of drop-down suggestions on products, categories, content pages or blog posts whenever the users enter keywords. Grab this extension if you are looking to have a customized drop-down list of search results and lightning speed search results.

Some of its Key Features are:

  • Display search results of products, categories, CMS page or Blog
  • Adjust the number of search results in a drop-down list
  • Enable/Disable the function and re-arrange the position of each section in a drop-down list
  • Lightning speed search by Ajax without re-loading page

Amasty Advanced Search

The Advanced Search Magento 2 extension by Amasty is an extension that is highly known for the responsiveness and speed of the search results that is provided by it. The Amasty Elastic Search extension instantly shows the most relevant search results to the queries entered. Buy this extension to get quick search results on your store.

Some of its Key Features are:

  • Partial search by SKU, name, attributes, category
  • Synonyms & stop words
  • Multi-lingual search
  • Responsive & mobile-friendly
  • Spell corrections and autocomplete

Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate

Sphinx Search Ultimate by Mirasvit is one of the fastest Magento 2 search extensions. It makes use of search engine named Sphinx to offer the most relevant results on your stores. It combines modern approaches to the product search for online stores. 

Some of its Key Features are:

  • Improves search quality
  • Supports stop words
  • Supports synonyms
  • Search products by tags, category names etc
  • Search products by associated products SKUs

MageWorx Search Autocomplete

The Search Autocomplete by MageWorx is an extension that helps you with search-as-you-type-results to make it an extension that offers quick results. Not only that, it also offers ‘Add to Cart’ right from the search queries to help customers fasten the shopping experience. 

Some of its Key Features are:

  • Fully configurable search results
  • Instant search results
  • Customized autocomplete
  • Advanced unique selling points in search

Instant Search by FMEextension

With Instant Search by FME extensions, the customers are allowed to quickly find product on the store. Customers can search any thing product name, description, tags and still the extension manages to take them to the most relevant product on the store.

  • Instant search results with product details in popup
  • Show multiple products with images & description
  • Limit the number of items in results
  • Ajax Based Advance Search
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