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Boost Traffic and Visibility in 2021 using the SEO Tips

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Boost Traffic and Visibility in 2021 using the SEO Tips

Nowadays, eCommerce businesses know the importance of SEO and how vital it is to focus on that. After the website has been developed, the first thing to focus on is how to bring traffic to the website and increase visibility. 

In the end, the website’s success depends upon how well a website can attract customers and provoke them to buy the products. Without the traffic and visibility, the entire website is of no use. 

When the website has visibility, it also improves the overall shopping experience. Getting on top of the search engine results is difficult. However, with the right set of tools and tips, the same can be easily achieved. 

The better is the SEO optimization; the more is the traffic to the website pushing the revenue. Magento is one of the most SEO-friendly websites; even if no changes are incorporated, the company can still have a decent SEO framework. 

Here is the list of the SEO tips that need to be addressed to have significant high traffic and visibility in 2021:

1. Optimize the Magento SEO URL:

One of the downsides of having many pages in a website is how many pages you have to edit, which might lead to an inconsistent URL if you are not careful and might affect the SEO. 

The most important thing that impacts SEO is the path that follows the domain name. If that is not in the correct form, for instance, if it is too messy or confusing, it won’t work with the popular search engines as they no longer will analyze it.

There are specific steps that need to be followed to have an SEO-friendly URL. Move to Store->Configuration->General->Web->URL Options and then set the Add store code to Urls to No, so now the product code will not be added to the URL automatically. 

To clean the URL by removing the phrase index.php, set the Server URL Rewrites to Yes. 

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2. Proper Keywords:

Keywords are like the backbone of SEO. If you forget to put the essential keywords in the Magento tags, the website can not have a good ranking. The secret behind that is to use the keywords that yield the best results. 

While writing the description, the focus should be only on keywords eliminating the words like an, an, the title. A similar kind of approach should be followed for the meta tags.

3. Optimize Headings in Magento:

The quality of the title and the description directly impact the ranking and the click-through rate. It is essential to write page titles that satisfy search engine crawlers and human visitors.  

Magento 2 SEO Settings

Even Google only displays around 60 characters of most page titles, so it is essential to keep an eye on the title’s length and keep the essential words at the beginning of the title so that those are not missed out.  

While writing meta descriptions, it is crucial to point down the unique features provided, such as if you provide free shopping or cash on delivery, so those kinds of things should be mentioned that can attract customers and please the google crawlers. 

4. Speed up the Site:

The website’s loading time is directly proportional to the site ranking, as Google has already mentioned that low loading sites are not preferable. Even if there is a difference of one second, it will have a significant impact on ranking. 

Various steps can be done to speed up the site, such as enabling all the caching features, set Caching application to Varnish Cache, configuring the Varnish configurations such as backend port. 

Reduce the number of external files downloaded from the server and merging the CSS and JS files can also help speed up the site. 

5. Youtube Channel:

It is one of the most popular and highly visited websites globally. Youtube can significantly help to boost the traffic and increase the visibility of the products. Although getting youtube views is not that easy but with the correct keywords, good content and SEO optimization, it is possible to get good views. 

Hence, an own channel can be created to increase the visibility of the website.

6. Targeted Audience:

One of the best ways to drive traffic is with ads on social media websites. Using paid ads, a lot of products can be displayed on many people’s feeds. Along with displaying ads on social media, it is equally important to target the right audience.

For instance, on Facebook, ads can be targeted to precise viewer demographics. 

7. Optimize Product Images:

It is very vital to optimize the product images on any platform. With the help of best practices, it can have a direct impact on the ranking. A few of the rules that should be followed are to use the file names that describe the product instead of some random text or letters. 

Alt text should be used to describe the image thoroughly using the target keywords and the appropriate content. All this information can be found under Catalog -> Products

Also, an eye should be kept on the resolution as well as the size of the images. 

8. Avoid Duplicate Content:

It is a prevalent issue in most common websites that can be solved using canonical tags. These canonical tags will tell Google the actual location of the true page. 

For instance, if there are five duplicate content pages based on a crucial page, then those ten pages’ canonical should be set to the crucial page’s URL.

Some of the common causes of Duplicate content on Magento can be the same product is accessible in multiple categories, variations of products with minor differences. 

Wrapping up!!

Even though SEO is just a small part of the business, it requires a significant amount of attention. Also, the tips that are mentioned above do not incur any additional cost. Yet, they will substantially impact the business in terms of the website’s traffic and increase the site ranking and revenue. 

With Magento, things will get a bit technical, and it will take a few months to see the fruits of the efforts you have made, but it is all going to be worth it. 

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