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Encourage your Shoppers to Purchase Quickly with Magento 2 Price Drop Alert!

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Magento 2 Price Drop Alert

If there is good news, always let the customers know! According to statistics, a price reduction has always encouraged more customers to make purchases when they are notified about the store’s price reduction. 

Increase your sales by notifying the customers about the price reduction using MageDelight Price Drop Alert Extension. It is challenging to develop something productive amidst this pandemic, but that can not be an obstacle in our developer’s path.

Why is it Important to Notify Customers about Price-Drop?

1. Boost your Sales:

Often, the customers would like to buy the products whose price has reduced. “Hey, now you can buy our product for 30$ (save 5$)”. Such notification will always encourage customers to buy products even though they have no plans to purchase it.

That’s how the pricing strategy should be planned to keep in mind the psychological pricing. Often the customers like to compare the pricing before buying any product. They would choose the product at the least price.

According to the research, even if the price is dropped from 100$ to 99$, an increase in sales has been observed. Hence, it is essential to notify your customer about the price-drop.

2. Psychological Effect of Specific Numbers:

If we think of two identical products like chocolate, if one is priced at 2$ and the second one is priced at 1.99$, almost all the customers will go for the latter one. 

They are almost the same, as 0.01$ is not saving. However, it still looks like a saving to the buyer. And so it is vital to inform the customers even when the price has dropped down by a bit.

According to research, odd numbers such as 5, 7, and 9 have been proved to decrease the feeling of loss for the customers, making them feel like they are getting a better deal even if they are not.

3. Abandoned Carts Incentives:

Every cart that has been filled with products but not taken to checkout should be viewed as a missed opportunity for the website owners. To encourage customers to make a purchase, they should be offered a discount.

Set up an email job that can notify the customers whenever there is a price reduction. So you being the owner, don’t have to worry about informing each concerned customer.

Most people like to brag about getting a good deal. That makes them think they are smarter than any other people who bought the same product without any discount, and hence offering discounts can lead to conversions immediately.

Also, discounts followed by urgency are apparently beneficial. Buy this now or lose the opportunity! Such notifications when faced by people, the decision is often more swayed towards buying the product immediately. 

Using this Price Drop Alert Magento 2 extension, the customers can subscribe to the product they want to be notified when the price is reduced. The owners can set up an email to the subscribed customers to inform them about the price reduction. 

Also, the admin can combine the concept of notifying customers and customer segmentation. So they can send an email to a group of customers who have subscribed to a particular product. Let the loyal customers feel special by sending personalized alerts into their emails.

Even the visitors can also make use of this feature without going through the entire registration process. They can indeed subscribe to any product they are looking forward to purchasing. This is one of the fantastic features making it flexible for the visitors as well. 

The customers have control of unsubscribing the product whenever they want. Sometimes the customer might realize later that this is not the exact product they are looking for. Hence, they will look forward to unsubscribing the product. Our extension helps the customers to do the same. 

The customers can click on get price drop alerts to receive the notification, as shown in the below picture.

The customers can anticipate a pop-up box wherein they can enter the product’s desired price, i.e., if the price gets reduced to the desired price, only the customers should be notified and encourage them for the purchase. They can enter an email ID, to which they are looking forward to receiving an email.

The owner is facilitated to manage all the data related to the customer’s subscription from the back-end with ease. They can also monitor all the current subscriptions, including the products, price, and the date of subscriptions.

Using this module, the owners can customize the email template based on the theme of the website. They can send personalized emails to subscribed customers with custom texts or custom labels in the emails.

Also, the scope of this Magento Pricing extension is not only limited to notifying the subscribed customers whenever the price of the product is reduced but can also send an email for various events and festivals to provide a personalized touch on your website.

The owner would often like to organize events such as October sales to drive more customers for purchasing, leading to more conversions and less cart abandonment. Without notifying the customers about sales, they might miss this opportunity. The sales trend will also drop, hence using our extension; a customized email can be sent to the customers. 

As shown in the below picture, the customers can monitor all the subscriptions they have made to date and other information such as current price, desired price, and date of subscription.

The customers can also unsubscribe to any product whenever they want by just clicking on unsubscribe from their account. Hence, it is easier and quicker for the customers to keep track of all the records from their account itself. 

The owners can configure the changes related to the popup model, as shown below. They can alter all the parameters based on the requirements, such as the custom text they want to display for the price drop popup title. 

They can also modify the text for price drop alert email, price textbox, and the price drop alert button. Once the customer has subscribed to the product, the owners can successfully set up a success message such as you have subscribed for the price drop alert.

This message will be displayed on the screen for the customers to ensure they have subscribed to the product.

The owners can set a cron job that will automatically send an email to the concerned buyers when the price of any product is reduced to the desired price. As depicted in the below picture, the owner can configure the parameters based on the requirements.

The email might encourage the customers to purchase as the price has dropped down to a level that they were expecting, which will increase the sales of owners, leading to business growth. 

The owners can also see a list of all the subscribers and all the necessary information related to the product. They can also remove any customer from the subscription list whenever they want.  

Wrapping up!!

It is so much easier for the customers to buy the product whenever they are notified about the price drop of the product they are willing to purchase. MageDelight Price Drop Alert Magento 2 Extension that can let the owners send an email to the concerned customers at the time of specific offers or discounts on their websites.

The customer can subscribe to the product and can enter the desired price they are looking for. Once the price drops down to the desired price, they will be notified for the same. 

Not only can the owners notify their customers about the price drop, but they can also inform the customers on various events such as festivals and events to provoke them to purchase and increase the traffic on their websites.

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