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Enhance your Magento eCommerce Store For High Sales

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Enhance your Magento eCommerce Store in 2021 For High Sales

Finally, the new year has arrived. To add charm to this year, people will be excited to buy presents for their family and loved ones. Amidst this pandemic, it is not safe to go to a shop and buy gifts physically. 

Why take the risk when a similar kind of shopping experience can be achieved via online shopping. It is very safe, comfortable, and has many varieties while buying the products online. To add a cherry on top of that, even the gifts can be wrapped and sent to loved ones with a single click. 

Merchants are expecting the maximum sales during this festive season. However, in this fierce competition, it is essential to stay ahead of this competition, meet the customer’s requirements and provoke customers to buy products and become loyal. 

Setting up the eCommerce store is not a hard nut to crack. A more difficult task is to keep your store updated with the latest technologies and trends. Hence, the merchants always have to enhance the store to get better sales and make them happy. Happier the customers, Happiest the merchant. 

There are few areas where the merchant should focus on and are as discussed below:

1. Optimize the Customer Support:

  In the upcoming year, the merchant will see many new customers visiting the store for the first time and might not be well versed with various things and will reach out to customer support. It is crucial to provide proper support to the customers and solve their queries quickly. 

Often the merchants have a chatbot in the store, and the customers can discuss their queries with this bot. However, sometimes the bot cannot respond to the questions, so there is a need for a live chat feature. If not available, this is the time to implement the live chat feature and help the customers.

The merchant should also try to optimize the time bot takes to respond and update the bot with the latest FAQs. 

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2. Optimize the Home Page:

Your first impression is the last impression” Well, here also, that quote holds. The home page is the first page that the customers would be looking at, and hence it is vital to make it very attractive.

Also, the promotions and the sales should be broadcasted nicely on the home page itself. Customers don’t know what or where to find products, and that’s where the home page should gear their shopping. All the special offers should be listed attractively. 

The loading time is the next thing; the merchant should look at. Despite adding all the features, if the home page takes too much time to load, all the efforts are in vain. 

Try putting the images and videos that can reflect how buying from the store can help customers during the festive season.

3. Optimize Marketing Skills:

Social media is the best platform to market any of your products. According to the study, more than half of the people of this world use social media daily. Active participation in social media can, indeed, increase sales and revenue.

Make sure to organize social media campaigns to reach out to the right people interested in buying the product. It is vital to have a personalized recommendation rather than recommending any product. 

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Especially during the festive season, the merchant should connect strongly to the buyers and help them find the best match for the product they are looking for. 

Nowadays, the Magento store can be integrated with Alexa and such kinds of devices. If the customer has seen the product on any of the social media, without even opening the website altogether, the customer can order the product using Alexa itself. 

Few other questions, such as my order summary this week, what was the product that I have bought recently can also be asked.

4. Enhance the Recommendation:

Many times, people are not aware of the products. Hence, it is vital to promote products. The more personalized the recommendation, the more likely are the chances that the customer will buy the product. 

It is also essential to choose which products to be displayed on the home page during the flash sales and the campaign. The merchant should smartly plan the strategies to attract new customers and provoke the existing customers. 

A weekly letter can be rolled out every week to promote the products that have been recently launched. It is very important to target the right audience. Many factors play an important role there; for instance, promoting an expensive product to a customer who never buys expensive products won’t be the right recommendation. 

5. Optimize Videos and Images:

Images and videos on the website keep the customers engaged with the products and increase the customer’s interaction time with the products. They help to understand the products better.

However, despite all the advantages, they can significantly affect the loading time of the website. If the images and videos are large, they may not load at all. So it is essential to have a balance between the size of the image and the website’s loading time. 

The images should be clear and should use the appropriate sizing for the design. Keep the website free from many popups and ads since those are very annoying. Even Google is cracking down on websites that contain a lot of popups and ads.

Sometimes google doesn’t show up on the website in the search results because of a bad customer experience. 

6. Enhance Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to increase traffic to the store. Also, Magento is one of the best eCommerce software when it comes to Search engine optimization. 

It provides flexibility over the software such that the merchant can optimize the store the way they want. According to a survey, only 5% of the searchers make it to the second page of the results

Hence, it is vital to show up on the first page. Higher the rank, the lesser the traffic. Merchants should identify those frequently used keywords by the customers and should incorporate them.

The Autocomplete feature is one of the most helpful features when the customer has some primary keywords in their mind. 

Wrapping up!!

When it comes down to optimizing, there are a lot of things that can be done, starting from enhancing the look and the feel of the store to optimizing the loading time, from marketing about the products on various social media to recommend the exact products which customers might be interested in buying.

Also, the merchants should always be updated with the new technology to incorporate that in the Magento store. Magento 2 Extensions are the most popular way to extend your eCommerce store functionality! Feel Free to reach us for any queries or suggestions!

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