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Guide to Setup Pickup Functionality in Magento 2 Store

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Store Pickup Functionality in Magento 2

Store Pickup in Magento 2 is one of the very advanced ways to offer enriched customer experience on your Magento 2 store. The pickup functionality is a fantastic tool that helps customers book order from the website and pick up the same from the offline stores. In Magento 2, a pickup record is developed by every click and collect order and is associated with every order. This tutorial will guide you on how to setup pickup functionality in Magento 2 Store. 

First of all, set up all the information regarding the Click and Collect locations of your store. Every important store details such as name, address, and opening hours must be made available for the customers at the time of checkout. 

Now, let us move ahead with the steps to setup pickup functionality in Magento 2:

Navigate to the Pickup Page

All the Pickup locations created by you will be shown on the Pickup page. Navigating to the pickup page is the first thing to do.

Sort the Pickup Grid

The next step is to sort the pickup grid, this can be done by a variety of fields. Majorly origin location and status fields are the ones used. Any filter settings developed by store admin are stored for the user’s future sessions. Whenever there are multiple store locations, filtering the grid on the basis of location is suggested in order to view the orders that are picked up at a specific location. 

Print Packing Slips

Once the filtering is done, you can start printing packing slips by selecting and setting the action control Print Packing Slips. Magento also lets you download the packing slips as a single PDF. Each packing slip comes with many references for the Pickup including customer details, the products ordered, and a barcode.

Update Status

Once done, mark the orders as Ready to be Picked up, on your Magento store. The customer is notified regarding the update about their product. Once Picked up, by the customer, change the order status to Picked Up. 

Here, We have covered every point that is required to set up store pickup functionality on the Magento 2 store. If you are looking for the plugin that can do everything related to pickup for you, Store Pickup Extension by MageDelight is the best according to us. 

If we missed out anything, feel free to reach us out.

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