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Magento – A Revolution in eCommerce Platform!

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Magento eCommerce Platform

Amidst Coronavirus pandemic, do you want to make money online? If so, you’re at the right place. A lot of people often prefer online shopping. Having an idea to start a business is cool, but the real struggle comes when you try to implement the idea.

Here comes an eCommerce platform that will help you to implement your ideas. Although, out of a plethora of different eCommerce platforms available, it is difficult to find one that can satisfy all your business needs. Regardless of what I have said, why should one go for an eCommerce platform when one can already have their own website?

Do you ever dream of having your own store with all the features that can engage buyers well and a website that can help buyers understand and utilize your idea of business in a better way? 

Your decision of opting for an eCommerce platform definitely correlates with the success, stability and profitability of your business.

eCommerce platforms let you build your own store with absolutely no knowledge of coding. How amazing is that. Also, you will be astonished when you will have a look at the designs imparted by the platform.

Magento is the most user-friendly platform I’ve come across, and I’m sure you’ll absolutely love it once you get to know how the platform meets all of your requirements. Out of all the platforms available, what is something that makes Magento outstanding. 

Magento is the most secure and flexible platform. It gives you a variety of themes and designs for your website.It has already crossed millions of downloads and has already raised the bar by becoming one of the most popular eCommerce platforms.

 In 2013, Magento was recognized as the most popular eCommerce platform in the world.

Coming to the most fascinating feature, it is open source. Can you believe it? A platform which provides the best features and designs needed for the store is an open source platform. 

Magento probably has the most active developers community for the eCommerce platform on the Internet. We’ll be giving a brief about the features of Magento in this article.

Catalog Management:

The basic idea behind this is to have a single catalog for all of the products which would make it easier to manage the products or as a buyer it’d be available all together in one place which grabs the attention to a wider number of products and increases their Interaction time with the products.

There are various other options within this feature such as delete products, edit product tags, can add multiple images for a single product, can provide reviews and descriptions that will aid customers to buy products. 

It also supports virtual products as well as digital products like music, video. The catalog provides filters for search and product comparison.

SEO Centered:

The initial step is to set up the website. Although, the important step is to make sure that buyers are able to find products on the Internet ,i.e, increase traffic to the website and the best way to do that is using Search Engine Optimization. 

It supports friendly URLs. It will automatically sort popular searches and generate popular search terms since it supports ElasticSearch as a search engine.

Advertising and Marketing:

Magento not only helps in handling the store effortlessly, but also it provides various coupons and promotions that will make buyers purchase products and come back in the future. 

It offers diverse features such as monitor coupon usage, modify the price of products based on groups and quantity, and cross-sell products.

It gives the flexibility to send coupons across emails as well as offline. Thus making it attractive for the buyers.

Easy Checkout:

Generally a lengthy checkout can bore the buyers and distract them into looking for options, so it is better to keep te checkout process simple and small that will lead to a successful purchase

Magento supports a one-step checkout process which is not only extremely buyer-friendly but also reduces wastage of their(buyers) time. Also, buyers can purchase multiple products and then check out at one go.

They don’t have to pay separately for each product purchase. Also, can ship a single product to multiple addresses in a single order, options for gift messages, and save shopping carts till the expiry date.

Payment Mode:

It is one of the biggest challenges for the platform to provide payment options as per the requirements. 

So the main aim of Magento is to make the whole payment process of buying easy for buyers and convenient for the seller. 

Magento incorporates a number of payment methods since popular payment methods vary from region to region. At the time of checkout, it offers both online as well as offline payment. Whatever a buyer selects, Magento offers convenience meeting buyers needs and also reduces the risk of not being paid.


People always tend to use platforms that are more secure. Trust is something that runs through every business.

Magento provides a 2-step authentication process and Google ReCaptcha for various forms such as Registration, Login, Admin Login and Forget Password to minimize the chance of security attacks. 

Few other features such as Page Builder, Page Hierarchy, Google Tag Manager, Rewards and Loyalty and many more are also included.

Analytics and Reporting:

Without tracking activities, there is no use of doing business. Probably customers will be wasting their time and money if they don’t know which product is more attractive to the buyers and which offers are attracting more buyers. 

Customers should always keep track of their orders and Magento helps in doing that.

It displays a Dashboard with information such as Average order, Revenue, Tax, shipping and many such parameters that can help in defining strategies and can also integrate it with Google Analytics.


One of the coolest features of Magento, that aid to browse the entire store for mobile users. It supports different features such as drag and drop, swipe, zoom, multitouch, media files (audio and video).

 It is open for Android, iPhone, Mobile Opera browsers. A very user-friendly display. Thus it is only one touch away from all users.

Wrapping up!!

Magento is the best eCommerce platform that lets customers build creative websites with numerous features that can help their business grow. 

It is extremely useful for customers to present their products conveniently and easily and by also tracking their productivity by keeping a check/list of the products that are making them the biggest profit and thus modify their sales smartly for their benefit.

If you are looking to build a website try once with Magento and you will fall in love with the platform if not after this article!

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