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Become Magento Developer

To become a Magento Certified Developer is like finding a place in the sun! Magento has already secured its position among the top eCommerce platforms by letting you create a fantastic website using various splendid features without knowledge.

Having a passion for building websites on an eCommerce platform using Magento along with the tag of Certified Magento Developer will indeed reflect your success in the Magento Community.

Magento 2 was released in 2015. It’s already been five years, and hence there is a lot of research done by the Magento 2 developers.

Many features have been improved significantly, thereby reaching the customer’s expectations, and also, various extensions have come up to enhance these features and making it easier for the customers.

This research can help you know more about this eCommerce platform and increase your chances of success in the exam.

The first Magento Certification exam took place in the year 2018 with the name Magento 2 Certified Developer. 

It is a great way to test your skills, thereby boosting confidence. Today Magento provides five different types of certifications for the Magento experts.

Magento 2 certificate exams are designed such that you can add new information to your bucket of already known information and can also validate your skills.

Below are the Five Different Magento 2 Certification Exams:

1. Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist:

This exam is not only for Magento 2 experts, but all the people such as developers, analysts, merchants, managers who have adequate knowledge about Magento 2 with hands-on experience of at least one year. 

There are 75 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 90 minutes with a passing score of 67% or higher.

If you don’t clear the exam, you can resit after 15 days. All the questions belong to the Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition.

This exam needs to have a deeper understanding of Magento 2 features that can raise a client’s eCommerce business, avoid issues, and enhance its features.

It is more in line with the business perspective rather than the development phase.

2. Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer:

Many people might be wondering whether there is an exam for the freshers.

This exam is the key to them. For freshers to validate their necessary skills, you don’t require any experience to appear for this exam.

However, you should have a strong fundamental knowledge of Magento’s open-source and Magento Commerce.

The exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 90 minutes with a passing score of 68% or higher.

3. Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer:

Similar to the Magento 2 Solution Specialist exam, you need to have in-depth knowledge about Magento 2. A lot of questions in the exam will be twisted.

Hence you should not only focus on one portion but also understand the basic concepts thoroughly. 

The experience of one year in the Magento industry is a must. The exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions in 90 minutes, with a passing score of 64% or higher.

You should have a good understanding and proper knowledge of source code and how to customize it. The exam’s primary focus is to evaluate your skills on how good you can customize the source code.

4. Magento 2 Certified Professional Front-end Developer:

As the name suggests, you should have hands-on experience with the front-end of Magento 2, i.e., themes and design components along with the graphical user interface modification.

This exam evaluates the necessary skills and fundamental knowledge of the front-end of Magento 2.

It has 60 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 90 minutes with a passing score of 63 % or higher.

5. Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer:

Having the skills and ability to develop new JavaScripts extensions and enhance existing ones can lead you to success while appearing for this exam.

Like all the above-discussed exams, it contains 60 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 90 minutes with a passing score of 63 % or higher.

Since you already know about different certifications, let’s move on to how to do the preparation in-order to crack these exams.

How to Prepare for the Exam?

There are bundles of resources awaiting you on the Internet. Also, Magento provides free resources for all of its exams. Those resources can assist you with what to learn and how to start. You can download these resources from the page of every certification exam.

These study materials will help you with sample questions, exam topics, and revision questions for particular topics and their weightage covered in the exam.

It would be best if you explore Magento projects as theory is never enough. Hands-on experience with projects will help you to understand precisely what Magento has in its court. Explore the different features provided by Magento via various projects.

It would help if you tried things practically. Although you might not have an ample amount of time to try and learn everything practically, you can focus on the essential areas and try to write the code locally and understand the flow of logic. 

There are many blogs provided by the Magento community, which can help you prepare for the exam. Also, a lot of Magento developers have shared their experiences on different forums such as Quora, Stackoverflow, etc. 

There is a famous quote that says, “Learn from the mistakes of others.” It’s already been two years since the first exam was taken in 2018; many Magento 2 experts and developers have already marked them in the Magento community. 

They have shared their experiences, common mistakes to avoid, which area needs to be focused on, and many more things to help participants tweak their preparation strategies accordingly.

You will find a lot of blogs on the Internet that can help you to achieve desired results. Also, consult experts and get various insights on exam related topics. 

Magento 2 Official Document will work like a charm for the candidates appearing for the exam. One more advantage of following official documents is that you might face a few questions in the exam from the points mentioned.

Take many practice tests since that will help you analyze the areas where you are lagging and improve them. It will not be similar to that of an actual exam, but it will feed you some confidence.

Also, don’t give any test without preparation as there are high chances you might lose confidence. Focus on what kind of questions have been asked in the previous exams.

Don’t just focus on questions related to Magento and its features. You should also expect questions related to eCommerce and Business and plan your preparation accordingly.

You should know every parameter that comes into the admin panel. Please get to know about each parameter’s usage and add/delete/modify them depending on the requirements.

How Magento handles caching is something you should be looking at. What are the types and what is the purpose behind caching? Also, beware of what exactly happens when the cache is cleared.

Thorough knowledge of Magento’s flow from adding products to cart till checkout is a must. Knowing architecture in-depth is a plus. 

There are a lot of courses available online which can aid in cracking the certification. Go through these courses and pick the one which is suitable for you.

Magento also offers paid courses for developers from beginner to advanced level to understand the platform more. One more exciting thing is that the experts who have passed the exam can see their names on the Magento 2 Certification directory. Merchants can also find their names on the list.

Now, you know about the different certifications and how to prepare. But, hey, this will be of no use if you don’t know how to register. Let’s look at how you can register for the exam.

How to Register?

The whole process is relatively easy for the Magento 2 certifications. You can go through all the exams and select one of your choices. Once you have selected the exam, you have to complete the checkout process and buy the exam voucher.

The voucher will be sent to you via an email or through the My Products and Services section of the Account page. Click on find a testing center and register for the exam button that can be found on each exam’s detailed page, and you can register for an exam now.

Two options will be given to every candidate, whether you want to select online/offline. Once the candidate chooses the exam mode, you can now select a suitable date and time for the exam and enter a voucher-code.

After completing the steps mentioned above, you will receive a confirmation email and all the necessary details.

Wrapping up!!

Magento 2 offers different certifications that can help developers and experts to validate their skills, thereby boosting their confidence in this field. Hence, these certifications are very valuable and can be used by developers to shape their careers and grab many opportunities in the future. So what are you waiting for? Start preparation, crack the exam, hold a certificate, and join the Magento Certified Developers Community!

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