Make your Move with eCommerce Website Design Trends 2020!

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eCommerce Website Design Trends 2020

In today’s world, and especially during this crisis, people prefer online shopping, and hence website design is continuously advancing. Although various trends hit the market, some trends keep evolving, just like website design.

If you continuously want to increase traffic to your website, you have to see the website in a new light. Every business-related to eCommerce websites should focus on upgrading their designs, thereby staying ahead of the competition. 

Whether you are a website owner or a designer, no one can afford to be left behind in the market.

With the growing cutting-edge technologies, you should focus on adopting those technologies along with creative business strategies that can offer more personalization across the machines that are being frequently used by the customers.

The trending website’s primary focus should bridge the gap between what problems people face while shopping and what are their expectations in the digitized platform.

Effectively managing customer’s expectations is key to holding your customers. It is always better to retain your customer than looking for new customers.

Many companies spend millions of dollars to convince new customers instead of nurturing the existing ones, so keeping your customers appeased with products is non-negotiable.

In the digital world, the trend keeps on upgrading, and if you don’t upgrade simultaneously, you might face customer churn. You have to smartly upgrade your trends such that the customer has a positive attitude about it.

If you had a look at your website, you would find many issues that can be overcome, enhancing the shopping experience, and did you ever think that website design might contribute to lowering your sales?

Even the physical store owners continuously look for new ideas to open stores at various places and increase their productivity. Whereas on the other hand, this is an advantage for the online business.

You don’t have to set up a physical store, at least! Just style your websites with emerging technologies, enhancing the existing features to make it more flexible.

Below are the Top Emerging Trends you should follow:

1. Mobile-friendly over Websites:

People no more prefer websites. A lot of traffic indeed comes from mobile eCommerce with a higher percentage of sales via the same channel.

We are in the era of mobile technology. Gone are the days when we used to get bored by clicking on next to look at more products on the web page. Optimizing the designs for such gadgets to meet the customer’s expectations is a must.

This trend will never lose its importance; rather, it will always keep evolving. It is so important for the developers to focus more on mobile designs over web designs considering the usage of mobile phones is more.

2. Chatbots to Assist your Customers:

With an increase in the growth of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and decreasing human intervention, you can solve many problems of your customers without human involvement thereby, saving time, which can be used efficiently in other areas.

A good chatbot can always help your business grow and increase profit. Set the flows that are likely to be used by the customers and the frequently asked questions. 

Some chatbots are designed to provide the best shopping experience to customers by giving various shopping coupons, helping with the purchase, and notifying the shopping!

The main advantage of using a chatbot is you don’t need to have a 24/7 support team that can resolve customer’s queries. A virtual assistant can do much better than what you can think.

According to the statistics, chatbots are four times more effective at selling products than untrained workers. This trend is not new in this technology but is worth investing time in.

3. Animations and Cinemagraphs:

This year, 2020 will see a hike of splendid animations and cinemagraphs in the website designs. One rule of this trend is to use more dynamic images over static ones, gifs, and videos to help the customers navigate quickly by simply tapping.

The motion images can give a better sense of the product they are looking for, boosting the conversions and decreasing the returns. This effect provides a mini video experience to the customers, which is extraordinarily eye-catchy and making your website more lively.

Small animations can be added to your website, which can praise your customers or act as an alert if they go in the wrong direction.

4. Long Scrolls:

Earlier, people had to click on next to look at more products, which also used to take a lot of time to load those products. It is more likely that the customer won’t wait and will look for better Internet options.

Ideally, no one likes to wait and would always want a website to load within a second. This feature has helped in engaging the customers, thereby eliminating clicking on next by long scrolls.

Lazy loading will ensure that the customer doesn’t have to wait for much to look at the products, increasing their interaction time with products.

5. Responsive Web Designs:

With an increase in the number of gadgets/devices, a customer would ideally like to have a flexible shopping experience, and so it’s a must requirement to have responsive designs for your website.

According to Google, a large number of income comes via mobile shopping! This number tends to increase further as customers look at their convenience shop more through mobile phones.

Consequently, it would be best if you designed web pages that are adaptive to mobile phones first and then, later on, can be tweaked for larger screens. Thus a customer will see mobile-friendly websites with various features such as long scrolls, lazy loading, attractive buttons, and many more. 

6. Dark Mode:

It lets customers cut off the blue light, which is harmful to your eyes and can decrease visibility. This feature reduces the eye’s stress, thereby lowering the chances of any issues in the eyes, increasing visibility.

This feature was introduced first by Google, and then, later on, many companies started adopting this dark mode feature.

Google will automatically activate this feature during low light, so there are high chances of your website getting into dark mode without any control. Hence, you have to make sure while designing your website that it should look appealing in the dark mode.

7. Landing Page – Product Hybrid Page:

Gone are the days when shoppers have to go to the product page to find the products. Although few shoppers still use the landing page, the landing page is bypassed completely with the other approaches.

Many Ads and social media posts direct shoppers to the product page, so shoppers don’t get the opportunity to look at the home page. Keeping that in mind, the developers have started focusing more on the landing page.

Products are displayed on the landing page to attract them to the product page for further details, making it easier to explore the entire website.

8. Use Striking Colors to Attract Shoppers:

Do you ever think that your products are beneficial, but still, you don’t get to see a lot of traffic to your website? It might be the reason your website is not that appealing to the shoppers despite the fantastic products.

You should not only focus on the products but always consider using prominent colors that can catch the shopper’s attention.

Vivid color catches the shopper’s attention. Although it is good to use simple colors to give a classy look to your website, it will also make the website somewhat boring to explore.

Please use colors to convey the right message to the shoppers and give them a positive shopping experience. For instance, the big background image is a proven way to attract shoppers without putting much effort. 

Big letters attract people, making it easier for them to read, and also the use of white color in the background is never outdated. 

9. Personalized Shopping Experience:

Personalization has always been a key to make sure that shoppers have a delightful shopping experience. By knowing more about shopper’s interests, preferences, and habits, you can assist them with the products they are looking for.

Sometimes amidst a busy life, people might not be aware of new products that have been launched, and that’s where you can remind them of the products based on their choices and interests and provide them a personalized shopping experience.   

To have quizzes on your website is a fantastic idea to keep your customers engaged. That will help you to provide the right products to them. 

For example, let’s consider your website sells products related to hair and skin. It is always a good idea to ask the shoppers about their skin type, problems that they have faced, allergies, and such kinds of questions that can help you to suggest products that will give them noticeable results. 

10. Eco-friendly Shopping Boxes:

It is quite possible that once a shopper bought a product from your website but has never visited your website since then. There might be multiple reasons behind that, like the person is not satisfied with the product.

Although one of the reasons might be that the shopper was not happy with the shopping box, One rule of them for branding is never to miss an opportunity.

A shopper is always excited to receive their product, and it is your responsibility to retain their excitement. It is also an opportunity to promote your unique features, brands, and website.

11. Original Photography:

You should choose beautiful, charming pictures that can make shoppers believe and end up buying those products. On the other hand, you should always put original images minimizing the use of stock images.

A picture speaks better than a thousand words. This technology helps shoppers to understand the product leading to more conversions and repeated purchases. 

Many companies have also started hiring professional photographers who can click amazing pictures with their skills and boost your sales, increasing profit. 

12. Unconventional Layouts:

Typically, traditional eCommerce websites were designed such that square or grid layouts were used to display products on the website. Although nowadays, with an increase in trends, people have started upgrading the layouts too.

You should always experiment with new layouts and find the best suitable for your product. Unstructured layouts will add life to your website and are already quite famous among many industries.

Although this trend works with a limited number of products, if you have a lot of products to be displayed on the website, you should go with traditional layouts as unconventional layouts will occupy a lot of space and make it difficult for the shopper to use.

This is very useful when you want to give some special attention to any particular product such as the best seller, latest added, best-reviewed, etc.

13. Marketing via social media: Social media makes it easier for people to sell their products since it is more likely that shoppers will know about your product via social media like Instagram, Facebook than visiting your websites.

You should smartly plan your strategies, which can lead you to success. One of which is social media posts that can draw people’s attention and let them know about the product.

Nowadays, technology is growing so fast that shoppers can be shown posts related to their recent interests on the Internet, thereby delivering the right products.

The path to more sales is you can ask the shoppers to complete a transaction without leaving their favorite website. 

Wrapping up!!

These are the top 2020 website design trends one should follow to upgrade people’s shopping experience, making it more flexible, leading to more conversions and repeated purchases, thereby raising the profit. 

With the growing popularity of eCommerce websites, the design is the first thing people will look at while landing on the page, so ensure to have a good one. Despite unique products, no one will invest their time looking for your products if the design isn’t attractive enough.

The primary factor of upgrading the design is meeting the customer’s requirements and reaching their goals quicker. It is sometimes essential to surprise customers with your outstanding website designs.

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