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Provide Maximum Flexibility to your Customers with Magento 2 Delivery Date

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Magento 2 Delivery Date

Running a business online often gets complicated. When you run a company where you have to deliver the products very often, it is more stressful. The shortest way to reduce your stress is to give flexibility around the delivery to the customers.

We at MageDelight have always developed extensions keeping in mind the growth of both merchants and their customers. Won’t be it amazing to give the control of selecting the delivery date to the customers itself?

We have developed an extension, i.e., Delivery Date for Magento 2, to adapt this fantastic feature that will allow customers to select delivery date and time depending upon their convenience, which is directly correlated with the business growth.

Various Benefits for allowing the Customers to Select the Delivery Date are as follows:

1. Enhanced Customer Experience:

During this digital world, people mostly preferred online shopping since it is quicker than waiting in lines at stores. However, suppose the merchant cannot deliver the product according to the customer’s expectation. In that case, they might walk away unsatisfied, leading to poor customer experience, affecting the brand name.

A simple solution is to let customers choose their orders’ delivery date and time without worrying about missing the delivery.

Once the customer knows how your website caters to their needs, they will be more inclined towards completing the purchase, leading to more conversions and repeated purchases.

2. Avoid Repeat Deliveries:

It is the merchant’s responsibility to ensure that the product is delivered to the customers. Often, the customer or a trustworthy person might not be present at home, so the merchant has to reschedule the delivery or lose the customer.

To avoid such scenarios, this extension was developed to provide a fantastic shopping experience by giving control to the customers of selecting the date of delivery and the exact time of their orders. 

3. Customers can order gifts:

One appealing thing of online shopping is that the customers can order gifts for their friends or family members. Often they have to order the gifts in advance, ensuring that the gift will arrive on time.

Although, the customers are still not sure whether the gift will be delivered at the right time. And hence, using this extension, they can select the delivery date and time for any orders and order gifts that will arrive on time without actually spoiling the surprise.

4. Reduce human involvement:

Often, the product gets misplaced, or the wrong product is delivered to the customer. Many messages and emails might flush in the inbox, and merchants have to spend a lot of time responding to them.

Hence, the merchant won’t be able to focus much on sales and planning, thereby affecting the growth and productivity of the business. The above scenarios can be avoided by letting customers choose the delivery date and time of their orders.

This extension comes with an intuitively designed calendar making it easier and quicker for the customers to select the delivery date and time.

Often, the customer wants to communicate with the merchant but gets stuck in the whole process of sending the inquiry separately. And, hence this extension lets the customers directly mention the message in the comment box and select call me before delivery while placing the order. 

In any case, when the customer wants to cancel the order or inform the merchant about the bank transfer mode, they can leave the comments directly to the merchants without any hassle. This particular message might make it easier for the merchant or the delivery man and enhance communication between the customer and merchant.

Customers might get stuck with some urgent work and realize later about their order’s delivery date and want to modify the date. This extension becomes their savior and allows them to edit the delivery date till the last moment, i.e., even after placing the order and still manage the shipping efficiently, providing the customers the maximum flexibility.

Every merchant wants to sell their products smartly, leading to an increasing trend of revenue. For that, the merchants have to plan strategies smartly, and one of them is to set the price of the delivery depending upon the time slot.

During the festivals or the weekends, if the customer anticipates their delivery, they can be charged more for the delivery by merely configuring it from the backend. 

Often customers forget to order gifts for many occasions such as birthdays and later on order the gift one day before the occasion. That’s where the merchants can think smartly and charge them more if they are expecting a delivery on the next day itself after the order is placed.

This Magento 2 Delivery Date and Time Extension helps the merchants to keep week-off days such as Sunday for the delivery of the product. They can manage the availability of special days and week-off days from the backend itself. 

Hence, this extension does not give the flexibility only to customers, but the merchants can also decide on which day they no longer want to schedule delivery of any product and can configure the changes accordingly from the backend.

Various other configuration options are provided by this extension that is depicted in the below picture. Merchants are provided with the flexibility of selecting the minimum and maximum interval of days between the order and the delivery date.

Customers can now select the delivery date accordingly. Many other parameters, such as whether the merchant wants to schedule the delivery on the same date or the next date and how many deliveries should be scheduled on a single day, can be configured.

Merchants can also set the holidays and the vacation period from the backend. Hence, these changes will be incorporated on the front end and disable the selected date and time from the calendar view.

This way, customers will know about it and can not schedule delivery during that period.

Merchants can include the delivery date in emails and the PDF documents, making it easier for both the customers and the merchants to look at the product shipment date.

Besides the delivery date, the next vital aspect to look at is how to gain trust from the customers. A simple solution to that is to include a tracking number in the shipment details. A tracking number is a unique ID or code assigned to each product for the tracking purpose.

That will help you when a wrong product is delivered to a customer, or a product is delivered to the wrong customer. With the help of tracking numbers, you can quickly find the product’s location and redirect it to the right place or the right customer. 

It helps to resolve the shipment errors. Without the tracking number, the misplaced product will no longer be found, and it will be a waste that might harm the relationship between the customer and the merchant.  

As soon as the customer has completed the checkout process, they are indeed awaiting their product. The question that arises in their mind is when I will receive my product? Where is it now? This anxiety of customers has to be resolved as it will directly affect your sales. Tracking numbers helps you with that.  

Significance of the Shipment Tracking Number:

1. Enhance Customer Service:

The team has to ensure that the customers are pleased with the delivery and the product. Tracking numbers will reduce their stress since they no longer have to answer the calls asking where my product is or when I will receive my product that will give them more time to deal with vital issues.

Customers can track the product directly with the help of the tracking number. They can get constant updates about their product. It is flexible enough for both the customers and the merchants. Customers can also get information if there is a change in the delivery date.

2. Recover Lost Package:

This is the most promising benefit of the tracking number. Many times the product gets delivered to the wrong customer. Also, there might be a case where the product is just misplaced during the delivery route.

Either of the cases, the product can be tracked, thereby knowing the product’s location, merchants can redirect the product to the right customer. Tracking numbers helps with the entire journey from the start to the end.

3. Grow Relationship with Customers:

Tracking numbers will eliminate the risk of fraud cases from both the end, i.e., customers and merchants. It will help the customers to build trust, and the transparency can be provided to them by the company.

Customers who can track their packages get all information, such as whether they will receive the product within the company’s estimated time, helping to build a lasting relationship. This is proof given to the customers for their products.

4. Improved Sales and Better Visibility:

Trust is correlated with sales and productivity. Suppose the customer is given proof of the delivery. In that case, they will surely come back to your store, resulting in more conversions. 

As tracking status gives the exact information about the product, customers feel satisfied with the product’s delivery. It will also reduce the chances of complaints regarding product delivery.  

This will help to gain trust and loyalty from the customers.

5. Alerts and Reminders:

Customers frequently receive the product’s status via email or text messages. Also, on the day of delivery, they are notified that they will be receiving the product today.

Sometimes, customers have opted for cash on delivery (COD). Still, later on, they change their minds and opt for online transactions. So at the time of notifying about their delivery, payment options are also mentioned, which will reduce the stress of customers whether they will be able to pay online.

Wrapping up!!

During the customer-centric business, it is mandatory to provide flexibility and convenience to the customers. It is always beneficial to surprise the customers with the extraordinary features that can take the whole idea of customized shopping to another level.

The Delivery Date Extension for Magento 2 satisfies the customers’ request to purchase products at their convenience, allowing them to choose the delivery date and time of their order.

One exciting feature that will make customers astonished is that they can even change the delivery date after the order is placed and can also communicate directly with merchants by mentioning special comments in the message box when placing an order.

Lastly, do give it a try, and I’m sure you won’t regret your decision. 

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