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Top 10 Best Magento 2 Extensions Every eCommerce Website Should Have

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Top 10 Best Magento 2 Extensions Every eCommerce Website Should Have

For an eCommerce store to function well and offer great customer experience, it is necessary for the store to have some amazing features. A perfect combination of some basic features as well as some extraordinary features. The most preferred way to get an additional feature into an eCommerce store is to install a Magento 2 Extension.

It is not only the easiest way but also a great way to make the customer experience better and enhance the overall shopping experience on the store. MageDelight is a leading Magento products and solutions provider and having such a huge catalog, we have listed top 10 must-have Magento 2 Extension for every eCommerce store.

Mega Menu

Mega Menu Magento 2 Extension helps the store owner to create a dynamic navigation menu on the eCommerce store. The navigation menu helps the store owner smoothen navigation over the store. With this extension, one can create a mega menu on the store that redirects users to various pages such as CMS pages, Category pages, and any external URL via top level/sub level menu items.

  • Drag & drop menu items available to sort them well
  • Allows creating a sticky menu
  • Display images & videos in Mega Menu & boost branding
  • Create a visually appealing store with distinct animations effect
  • Link categories, CMS pages, external URLs & blocks to menu

Layered Navigation

Improvise navigation of the eCommerce store and make it simpler with a seamless layered navigation system. It also helps enhance the customer experience in your store and boost the SEO as well. Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension Offer a well-organized and customer friendly navigation system helps a customer find what they are looking for, quickly. 

  • Impressive price bar for user-defined range search
  • Quicker product filtering with AJAX-based filter
  • Fix the height of scrolling to display product filter options
  • Implemented Magento LESS for quick and easy customization
  • Helps you create SEO-friendly URLs and brand page URLs


The General Data Protection Regulation is the set of rules designed to provide the citizens of the EU more control over the protection of their personal data. The GDPR Magento 2 Extension by MageDelight is designed to make your store compliant with this regulation. This module appropriately takes care of every aspect to protect your customer’s data. 

  • Create unlimited privacy policies with version numbers ascending in hierarchical order.
  • Restrict access to your store unless customers accept your cookie policy.
  • Disallow various customer actions unless a customer accepts the privacy policy.

Partial Payment Pro

Letting your customer make partial payments on your store helps to make it customer-friendly. With the Magento 2 Partial Payment Extension, the store owner can facilitate the customers with the functionality to make a partial payment while purchasing. The rest of the payment is collected in installments, layaway plans, or EMIs. Flexibility in payment helps the store owners improve the customer experience in the store.

  • Admin can order with partial payment from the back-end
  • Allow partial payment facility to particular customer groups
  • Set minimum cart total amount for availing the partial payment facility
  • Reschedule the installment amount for a particular installment
  • Set the down payment type – Percentage/Fixed

One Step Checkout

Quicker the checkout better the customer experience. Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension helps the store owner offer the facility to keep a smart and simplified one step checkout to accelerate the shopping experience and enhance customer satisfaction. 

  • Smart single page to complete all the checkout steps
  • Customer Registration at the time of checkout
  • Allows customers to select delivery date and time
  • Extra fees option available at checkout

Out of Stock Notification

Keep your customers updated by letting them subscribe for products and get notified when the product is out of stock, is back in stock, or during price change. Out of Stock Notifications Magento 2 Extension helps the store owners better understand visitor’s preferences and knowledge about the products that are in demand by letting customers subscribe for the products and then notify them. 

  • Subscription for alerts on the basis of customer groups
  • Guests can also subscribe for out of stock notifications
  • Facility to check users behavior with the analytics dashboard
  • Notify admin at the time of low stock, new subscriptions, and out of stock
  • Easy management of the list of subscribers

Product Bundled Discount

This extension allows you to offer discounts on a set of products and encourage your customers to buy more and increase the cross-selling of your store with the product bundled discount feature. The Product Bundled Discount Magento 2 Extension lets you offer special prices and boost conversion of your store.

  • Set flat/percentage discount for product bundled set
  • Dedicated bundled promotion listing page
  • Import/Export product bundled promotions
  • Allow specific promotions to customer groups

Subscribe Now Pro

Subscription Management made easier and quicker than ever with the latest Magento 2 Subscription Extension by MageDelight. This extension helps the store owner develop a subscription model to help them increase recurring purchases on their store. This extension comes with advanced subscription recurring payments and supports payment gateways as well.

  • Compatible with 100+ payment gateway extensions with Magento Vault support
  • Easy development of orders for the subscription products from the admin panel
  • Let the customers subscribe to products from the cart itself
  • A dashboard with graphs and reports to let the admin track number of subscriptions

Ajax Scroll

Product loading smoothened by the best developers. With this extension, product loading in the catalog can be done with the roll of a mouse wheel. The Ajax Infinite Scroll Magento 2 Extension reduces the loading time and provides a great product browsing experience with the AJAX load more pagination. 

  • Smooth and uninterrupted product loading
  • Top & back navigation option
  • Customizable Load More button
  • Offer options to choose product list loading type: “On Button Click” and “Page Scroll”

Abandoned Cart Email

Recovering the cart abandonment is successfully done by the abandoned cart email, the majority of times. The Abandoned Cart Email Magento 2 Extension helps you elevate the sales revenue with custom emails by offering discount coupons. Automatically remind them about the cart abandonment. 

  • Unlimited customized email templates
  • Unlimited abandoned cart rules
  • History of abandoned cart customers
  • Trigger emails with predefined scheduling
  • Discount codes to improve click-through rate

Install all these extensions and help your customers with a revolutionary shopping experience on the Magento 2 Store. Check out our entire catalog and power up your eCommerce store with best-in-class Magento 2 Extensions today!

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