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Top 4 Payment Restrictions Extension for Magento 2

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Top 4 Payment Restrictions Extension for Magento

You might have heard how great Covid 19 pandemic has turned out for the eCommerce store owners. Social distancing and lockdowns transformed the lives of people and moved forward towards online shopping.

This might come as a positive side for eCommerce store owners at first, in reality, it also brings in the increased chances of fraudulent activities on the store. Restricting certain modes of payment on the store is highly necessary to offer a better customer experience to the loyal customer group and avoid any kind of fraudulent transactions on the store. 

What is a Payment Restriction Extension?

A Payment Restriction Extension for Magento 2 is a feature for your eCommerce store that can help the store owners to restrict the payment methods for certain customer groups. It is basically a tool used for restrictions for the payment on the store. 

A Magento 2 store requires this functionality to offer a better payment experience and an improved overall shopping experience. The store owners can restrict the payment choices for customers on the basis of store views/location/customer group/product attribute. 

There are hundreds of Magento 2 Payment Restriction extensions developed by Magento 2 leaders. Hence, here is the list of the top 4 payment restriction Magento 2 extensions to help you choose the best from the best ones. 

MageDelight Payment Restrictions Magento 2 Extension

The MageDelight Payment Restrictions Magento 2 Extension helps you manage the payments on your store and hide/restrict payment methods with various conditions such as shipping address, customer groups, restrict certain payment methods like COD, Cheque, etc.

  • Create unlimited payment restriction rules
  • Use product attributes, billing address & cart rules id in rule conditions
  • Limit payment methods for a specific audience
  • Discard subsequent rules
  • Reduce risks and increase business opportunities
  • Use customer attributes to restrict payment methods

Meetanshi Payment Restrictions

Magento 2 Payment Restrictions extension by Meetanshi helps to restrict Magento 2 payment Methods based on various Product Attributes, Shipping Addresses, Store Views, Customer Groups and specific Days & Times.

  • Create flexible payment rules to restrict payment methods.
  • Restrict payment methods based on shipping parameters & days & time.
  • Use customer & product attributes to restrict payment methods.

Amasty Payment Restrictions

Amasty’s Payment Restrictions Magento 2 Extension lets you effectively manage payments in your store. It allows you to restrict payment methods by shipping address, customer groups, store view or product attributes in Magento 2. Restrict cash on delivery, check/money order etc.

  • Improve productivity of your payment process
  • Use shipping info to restrict payment methods
  • Create restrictions based on product info
  • Disable certain methods based on customer data.

Mageplaza Payment Restrictions

Magento 2 Payment Restrictions extension by MagePlaza is the restriction tool that uses conditions to assign payment methods. With this extension, store owners can restrict payment choices of customers by store views, customer groups, countries/states, product attributes and more.

  • Disable payment methods based on shipping methods
  • Restrict payment method depending on product information
  • Restrict payment method based on cart total
  • Each restriction rule applied for both Frontend or Backend Orders

Right from the beginning, Magento has been highly popular and its adoption keeps on increasing day by day. Now that you have top Magento 2 Extensions to choose from, figure out what exactly is your store’s requirement and choose the most appropriate one for your store.

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