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Top 5 Magento 2 SMS Notifications Extension For Your eCommerce Store

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top 5 sms notifications magento 2

Mobile phones have become an integral part of everyone’s daily life. 

We’re now living in a mobile-first world.

Just think about it. – The first thing most of us do after waking up every morning is to check notifications, emails, and the latest news on our smartphones.

Statista has also revealed that the percentage of mobile website traffic has already surpassed the percentage of desktop traffic.

Therefore, it is now essential for businesses to prioritize reaching out to their customers on their mobile devices via different mediums. 

Now, one of the best and proven ways to instantly reach mobile customers is through SMS notifications. 

What is an SMS Notification?

SMS stands for Short Message Service notifications, and they’re nothing but short messages sent by businesses to inform their customers about news, updates, events, etc., at any time.

A recent study has found that 90% of customers prefer using SMS to connect with businesses.

The same study also revealed that 82% of text messages sent by businesses are read within the first five minutes.

This data clearly shows that SMS notifications are the best medium to connect with mobile customers, especially for eCommerce stores.

If you’re an eCommerce store owner, for instance, then you can leverage SMS notifications to inform your customers about the latest products, discount offers, and even send their order updates.

And the best part? – If your eCommerce store is based on Magento 2 platform, then you can easily integrate the SMS notifications functionality by installing a Magento 2 SMS Notifications extension.

In this post, we’ve shared the list of the top 5 Magento 2 SMS Notifications Extension for you to consider integrating into your store.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive right in!

Top 5 Magento 2 SMS Notifications Extension

Now that you’ve understood the significance of SMS notifications, let’s check out the top Magento 2 SMS notifications extension you should consider for your eCommerce store.

1 – MageDelight SMS Notification

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive SMS notifications solution, then we highly recommend MageDelight’s Magento 2 Mobile OTP Login Extension.

SMS Notifications extension by MageDelight is loaded with all kinds of features, customizations options, and other essentials to help any Magento 2 store send all types of SMS alerts & updates in real-time.

Furthermore, this extension allows you to maintain a history of all sent SMS to keep a track record of everything you’ve ever sent via text messages.

Key Features:

  • Sends updates via SMS to customers & admin
  • Get instant notifications via email when your message isn’t delivered
  • Lets you create custom SMS templates
  • Supports widely spoken languages
  • Supports Twilio, BulkSMS, and any other SMS providers integration
  • Phone number validation

2 – Amasty SMS Notification Pro

Amasty’s SMS Notification Pro is a good option you can consider for integrating SMS notifications functionality in your Magento 2 store.

The extension is well-built and allows you to send SMS notifications about order status & active discount offers quickly. 

Furthermore, you can even import contacts from your phone book to your Magento 2 store via a CSV file to manage them efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Send SMS notifications to admins & customers
  • 20+ readymade customizable SMS notification templates
  • Compatible with nine popular SMS gateways
  • Import customer contacts from your phone book
  • Get one free integration of any SMS gateway of your choice

3 – MageComp SMS Notificaation

MageComp’s SMS Notification Extension for Magento 2 lets you notify your customers of various events, including order status through text message notifications.

The extension is relatively easy to integrate, configure, and use. All you need to do is integrate your preferred SMS gateway and send SMS notifications round the clock. 

Furthermore, this extension also has a feature to set OTP verification on customer registration to prevent spam/fake registration requests.

Key Features:

  • Supports all SMS Gateways
  • Send custom SMS Notifications for different events
  • OTP at Registration & Checkout page
  • Send dynamic notifications by using the dynamic variable fields
  • Allows customers to cancel orders through SMS

4 – Meetanshi SMS Notifications

Meetanshi has always been popular for delivering high-quality solutions that help eCommerce businesses achieve their goals. And Meetanshi’s Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension is no exception.

The extension is loaded with all kinds of features to help Magento 2 store admins send text message notifications to keep their customers engaged and updated about different types of activities.

Key Features:

  • Notify customers about updated activities such as order placement, cancellation, invoice generation, etc.
  • receive SMS notifications for customers’ various activities
  • Create custom SMS templates and customizable SMS content for different kinds of SMS notifications
  • send automatic SMS notifications for multiple events related to orders
  • Verify new customers’ registration and orders using OTP through SMS

5 – Land Of Coder SMS Notifications

The last option on our list is Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension by Land of Coder.

With Landofcoder’s SMS Notification Extension for Magento 2, you can keep your customers highly engaged and updated about their orders as well as all activities happening in your store.

The extension is well-designed, very easy to use, and is an excellent tool for sending SMS notifications with minimal effort.

Key Features:

  • Supports Registration & Login with mobile number
  • Allows to Verify customer mobile number through OTP
  • Create different kinds of templates for SMS notifications
  • Comes with blacklist management to avoid SMS spam
  • Easy to integrate various SMS services through API

Final Thoughts…

So, these are the top 5 Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension that we recommend using for your eCommerce business.

Now, if you have any doubts or questions regarding any of the extensions mentioned in this post, please ask them in the comments below.

And if you need our professional assistance with the integration of the Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension in your store, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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