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Top Magento 2 Promotions Extensions for 2021

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Top Magento 2 Promotions Extensions for Magento 2

Looking for ways to increase your sales & revenue in your Magento 2 store?

Of course, you do!

Fortunately, when it’s the matter of Magento 2 based eCommerce stores, there are literally thousands of third-party Magento 2 promotions extensions available in the market.

Whether you’re looking to build trust & credibility, get in-depth customer insights, or offer special coupon/discount offers to your customers, there is a third-party Magento 2 extension for that.

And in this post, we’ve created a list of the top 4 Magento 2 promotions extensions for you to consider installing in your eCommerce store.

Top 4 Magento 2 Promotions Extensions for 2021

Below are the top 4 Magento 2 promotions Extensions that are handpicked by our expert Magento 2 consultants to save you time and effort.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. MageDelight Advance Promotions

MageDelight Advance Promotions Magento 2 Extension is considered to be one of the top promotions extensions in the market for 2021.

The extension allows Magento 2 store owners to create special cart rules in order to offer various types of deals and discounts to take the store’s promotion game to the next level.

In addition to this, the extension allows to the creation of combinations of discounts & custom rules such as ‘Buy X & Get Y’ offers to entice customers to make a purchase.

Most importantly, MageDelight also consistently updates all of its extensions (including the Advance Promotions) and introduces new as well as useful features for store owners to meet ever-changing customers’ demands.

Key Features:

  • Give a discount on products’ special or original price
  • Give liberty to customers to select one rule from all applied ones
  • Apply discounts on cheapest and most expensive products
  • Create rules using customer and order attributes
  • Create special promotions with quantity steps
  • Discounts/free products rule on purchasing combo of products
  • Use related products & product custom options to give discounts

2. MagePlaza Free Gifts

MagePlaza’s Free Gifts is another popular and one of the top Magento 2 promotions extensions that help store owners to offer free gifts with the purchase of specific products.

The extension was especially build to help store owners create ‘Surprise and Delight Moment’ for their customers in order to boost customer retention rate and sales significantly.

The best part is, you can allow customers to select their free gifts both automatically and manually from the free gift list, which makes the shopping experience even more rewarding and delightful for customers.

And as a store owner, you can set custom rules for rewarding customers with only specific free gifts based on their cart total by applying either cart conditions or product conditions. 

Key Features:

  • PWA-ready solution provided
  • Display gifts on the Product Page and Shopping Cart Page
  • Auto or manually add gifts
  • Pick gift options and change gifts
  • Apply rules to assign gifts
  • Freely set the gift price
  • REST API, GraphQL is ready

3. Mirasvit Special Promotions & Extended Shopping Cart Rules

The 3rd top promotion extension for Magento 2 stores is Mirasvit’s Special Promotions & Extended Shopping Cart Rules.

As the name suggests, Mirasvit’s extension helps Magento 2 store owners to offer unique discount offers with extended shopping cart rules to improve the average order value of each sale.

Apart from this, store owners can also provide additional discounts during the customers’ purchasing journey, which will not only result in increased sales volume but also a dramatic decrease in the cart abandonment rate.

Key Features:

  • Pre-defined shopping cart rules
  • Custom shopping cart conditions
  • Custom coupon message
  • Promotions notification system

4. WebKul Special Promotions

WebKul’s special promotions is another significant Magento 2 promotions extension that you can consider integrating in 2021.

The Special Promotions Magento 2 Extension by WebKul is useful when you want to create more than dozens of promotional rules, both fixed & percentage-based discounts, for customers to avail themselves from your store.

There are also special combination discount offers like Buy X & Get Y, Buy X at $A & Get Y at only $B, etc. to entice customers to buy more and make customers come back for more in the future.

Overall, the extension is well-equipped with the necessary features to help store owners increase sales and revenue by introducing a variety of new promotional offers.

Key Features:

  • Admin can create up to 16 promotional rules
  • Ability to create coupons based discounts
  • Fixed or percentage-based discounts
  • Offer discounts on grouped products

Concluding Thoughts…

So, these are the top 4 Magento 2 promotions extensions you can consider installing in 2021.

As mentioned in the beginning, all the extensions mentioned in the post are handpicked by our expert Magento 2 consultants for store owners like you.

However, if you still have any questions or doubts related to any of the extensions in this list, feel free to contact us for consultation at any time.

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