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Upgrade your Shopping Experience with Magento 2!

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Upgrade your Shopping Experience with Magento 2

Magento has already worked like a charm by converting people’s dreams into the reality of creating websites without having much knowledge in this field. Furthermore, it has retained its charm by adding significant features and enhancing the existing features which was released as Magento 2. 

Magento and Magento 2 aren’t singular versions. It also has Enterprise Editions. Contrasting to Magento Open Source, Enterprise Edition is not free to download. As we know every good thing comes at a price and so is the Enterprise Edition. 

In today’s world, people prefer Mobile eCommerce. The below image depicts the same.

Magento 2 is more mobile-friendly as compared to Magento.    

Performance is the major factor that the customers will look at while opting for the eCommerce Platform. Being a customer, you won’t bother much about the underlying technologies that are used. 

Although, it is always better to have a website that can load within a second. According to Google, the threshold for the eCommerce website acceptability is 2 seconds. Magento 2 has significantly improved its loading time and also checkout is 38% faster.

 A customer would ideally like to have the payment process as simple as possible and with a variety of payment options that can attract buyers. The most popular payment gateways are supported by Magento 2 without any additional integrations.

Tons of other extremely valuable features are provided by Magento 2 Enterprise Edition which are discussed as below: 

1. Elasticsearch:

Elasticsearch, being one of the fastest search engines, is used in Magento 2 to handle large catalogs and optimize the search capacity when queries grow which can ultimately accelerate customers’ business growth.

It supports 33 languages. Also, it is quite often that a customer will make spelling mistakes while describing the product. Magento 2 offer suggestions for those mistakes. It uses a smart indexing technique that causes the search results to be up within a second.

Recommended: Elastic Search Extension for Magento 2

2. Gift Cards:

Magento 2 supports gift cards that customers can sell virtually as well as physically thereby tempting the buyers to purchase products. 

Customers can keep a track of all of their gift cards by displaying them on the admin dashboard. A customer can specify the minimum and the maximum range for the gift cards. And can also send gift messages per order or item.

Recommended: Gift Card Extension for Magento 2

3. Content Staging:

Schedule any number of updates without any human intervention. Increase sales by enabling teams to create, preview the product, and then schedule the content updates.

This can be extremely helpful when a customer doesn’t want their website to be down to update some changes. Schedule the updated changes at a specific period – often at night when the traffic is less.

Visualize the upcoming and the active campaigns on a Staging Dashboard using Magento 2.

4. Buyer Segmentation:

Customers can create customized shopping experiences that can raise productivity by displaying content and promotions to specific buyers based on their age, location, interests, shopping cart contents, and many more. 

Segment buyers based on some business logic automatically. Buyer Segment Reports helps in keeping track of the number of buyers in each segment. 

Target unknown website visitors based on the items they have in their cart, thereby, staying ahead of the competition.

5. Email Reminders:

Send an automated email based on the buyer’s history of shopping or the items added to their cart that can encourage them to visit the website and make a purchase. 

Amidst busy life, a buyer might not be aware of a product of their interest that has been recently launched, that’s where email reminders come to the rescue.

Recommended: Abandoned Cart Email Extension for Magento 2

6. Rewards:

Observe a buyer’s behavior and offer them reward points that can be redeemed for purchase which can also be combined with Buyers Segmentation that will help in creating an efficient rewards program. 

7. Banners:

Create banners to display images and targeted content that should be visible to only specific buyers that can personalize the buyer’s journey. Magento 2 supports a banner rotator that can help in placing contents on any page in a site.

8. Rule based Product Relations:

Reduce human involvement by specifying which products to present as up-sells, cross-sells based on some automated rules rather than assigning products manually. 

These rules can be linked with Buyers Segment, thereby attracting the buyers considering their behavior. This feature can save a lot of time for customers that can be used to modify sales smartly. 

9. Buyers Loyalty:

Loyalty is the most important factor for any kind of business. A point-based loyalty program can be offered by customers to buyers. A buyer can invite their friends for a private sale and can earn rewards for each converted purchase that can be redeemed. 

Recommended: Store Credit Extension for Magento 2

10. Visual Merchandising and Multiple Wishlist:

Optimize product category pages that can boost sales with a simple drag and drop option. Also, define some sorting rules that order products by best color, seller, and many more.

Customers don’t have to assign each product to a category. Instead, can save time by specifying rules that will automatically assign products to different categories based on some conditions.

 The buyer can create as well as share multiple wishlists. They can also search for any particular buyer’s wishlist and can also purchase products.

Wrapping up!!

Magento 2 with its fascinating features can indeed boost sales and hasten customer’s business growth. A lot of features of Magento 2 can save their time which can be utilized efficiently in the other areas.

 Magento technical support is available 24/7 to help customers out with their issues and point them to the right resources that can help them get the most out of this platform. Do give it a try and see how it has simplified various features that will directly affect sales and profit.

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